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  • Your Result: FIRE 90%

    resultFi re is the element of heat, passion, potential, movement, flames... In a practical sense, fire creates fire and explosions, and it keeps the environment warm enough to support life. It is also the spark of energy that fuels living creatures; it is responsible for the pumping of the heart and the movement of the muscles in humans, for example. People with fire elemental personalities are passionate and devoted to their cause, but can be prone to anger and spontaneous behaviour (though not necessarily). Fire burns air as its fuel, but is doused by water.

    LIGHT 51%
    EARTH 51%
    AETHER 43%
    DARK 30%
    WATER 28%
    AIR 14%

  • Your Result: FIG
    Fig is a Lingon word meaning
    'mind'... though the meaning is a
    bit more complex than what we as
    humans can understand. The Fig
    element is the element of the
    mind, and of imagination. Souls
    by themselves are merely mindless essences of

    being; they exist but are not aware of it because

    they have nothing with which to process
    informatio n from the environment. Minds are

    'operating systems' for souls, of sorts. People of

    the Fig element are exceptionally rare. They have

    unusual mental skills such as psychic powers,
    though their minds can often be on a level
    'beyond genius', such that they work on a
    completely different wavelength to others and
    seem 'insane'.

    Cool.. . So i guess i got one of the rare elements or whatever. Thats cool, but i thought i was gonna get fire or water. Good quiz ;)

  • I was Aether. It makes sense; usually when I take these I get Aether/Spirit. I guess I'm pretty rare then. Good quiz, better than some.

  • I'm fire.Sweet.
    Spid ey is my fave super hero


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