What Is Your Personality Color? (Very Accurate)

Each person has a unique personality, and a color can be placed behind each one. Daring, creative, fun, responsible, all of these attributes have designated colors.

What color is YOUR personality? Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, or black? Take this very accurate test and discover what you never knew about you and your personality.

Created by: aura12
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Before we begin, this test has many questions based on three categories. This is because we want the most accurate answer for you. (Your response does not impact your result at all).
  2. When you greet someone, what do you usually begin with?
  3. What age do you think you will start dating? (or already have)
  4. What are your average school grades?
  5. Your thoughts on fragrance? (Perfume, colon)
  6. Do you drink? (if old enough, do you think you would?)
  7. Your thoughts on art?
  8. Are you athletic?
  9. If you wore an article of clothing before, how long before you decide to wear it again?
  10. Accessories?
  11. Style of clothing?
  12. Shoe Wear?
  13. How often do you shower?
  14. Can you handle spicy foods?
  15. How do you describe your eating habits?
  16. Do you like nature?
  17. Did you enjoy this test?

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Quiz topic: What Is my Personality Color? (Very Accurate)