Astronomy Quiz Basic!

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting and checking my astronomy quiz! Let me know and let you know your knowledge about astrophysics and astronomy and cosmology!

There are many mysteries about the vast space and we are an atom in the size of our universe! There are much much mysteries about the Vast Space. okay no delay and let's start the quiz

Created by: Subhobrata

  1. When was our universe created
  2. What did General Relativity tells?
  3. What is the mass of the black Hole named ton 618?
  4. what is the largest galaxy Known?
  5. What did Quantum Mechanics tell about the position and velocity of an electron?
  6. Number of dimensions in Bosonic String Theory?
  7. How many stars are there in M31 galaxy?
  8. what is Dark Energy?
  9. What is the singularity of Black Holes?
  10. When was Einstein born?

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