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Hi everyone, I am Subhobrata Chakravorti and I introduce this Astronomy quiz for everyone as I am very curious about the Universe Physics.There are many mysteries about the cosmos, I learn all of them and I thought to introduce a quiz to check knowledge about everyone regarding the universe! When our universe began? WHAT are Black Holes? All is inside astrophysics and they are very much fascinating!

In astrophysics, not only will know about creation of our universe or Black Hole Physics, there are many more fascinating things in astrophysics which are WHAT is Dark matter, Dark Energy, are there many universes or only one, what is the shape and size of our universe? Are there Aliens out there? What is going in the Quantum scale in the world of Electrons and Quarks? Will it possible to combine Relativity with Quantum Mechanics? So these are mysteries but then also we have theories for these and I will be asking questions regarding this prediction theories and actual ones. Okay let's start the Quiz!

Created by: Subhobrata
  1. Approximately, when was the universe created?
  2. who was right about gravity?
  3. True or False:- According to Stephen Hawkings theory, the Black Holes evaporate at one time?
  4. who Is the father of Quantum mechanics?
  5. What is the amount of Dark matter in the universe?
  6. Can the velocity and position of an electron can be measured accurately?
  7. Who is the father of astronomy?
  8. How many dimensions the universe consists according to Bosonic String Theory?
  9. For what Einstein won Nobel Prize
  10. Last question, who is your favourite?

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