Ishan Paul's science test

There are many people who think they are the genius.But what about you? This science quiz of me is about solar system.It has all kind of things that you don't know. Let's start it!

Are you a Genius or you have the power to get 100% in my solar system quiz? I always say "IMPOSSIBLE IS ALWAYS NOTHING". So let's see what you get in my quiz!!

Created by: Ishan Paul of Ishan Paul
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  3. What's an another name for Star system?
  4. Which planet is known as the vacuum of the solar system?
  5. When and who observed Uranus?
  6. Which is the biggest star in the universe?
  7. Which is the nearest star from our solar system (except the Sun)?
  8. When and who discovered Pluto?
  9. Which of these dwarf planets is fastest in rotation?
  10. In 2000, how many planets were there in our solar system?
  11. Which planet is known as the vacuum of the solar system?
  12. Last question- Where in which zone is the Earth located?

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