How much genius are you in Science?

Do you know what is science? Well, everyone knows about it. Science is life. But this quiz has been made to test your science knowledge. You gibe your best into it.

If you are a genius and got full 100% , you should be proud of yourself. And if you got less, then don't worry. It happens sometimes. But I think that you should get full 100% , because this quiz is from the book of fifth grade.

Created by: Dhwani

  1. How an organism's colour aids in its survival?
  2. A baby X breathes through its gills. An adult X breathes through its lungs on land. What is X?
  3. In a large forest with many kinds of animals, there is only a small number of bears. Which of these is most likely limits the population of bears in the forest?
  4. If A is to the south of B and C is to the east of B, in what direction is A with respect to C?
  5. If + means í·, - means *, í· means + and * means- then solve this: 36*12+4í·6+2-3=?
  6. Which of the following animal camouflages itself in a way that it is different from the rest?
  7. A logical question: What should you not use in case of fire?
  8. Select the incorrect match.
  9. Name the agents of dispersal.
  10. Will you rate and comment this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How much genius am I in Science?