Basic Science Test

There are lots of lesson types in this world including Mathematics, Science, English and History. However, everyone have to know the basic all of them including Science.

Science. When you hear this, what are you thinking? Some of you will think of boring lesson. But you really must know this basics. For that, it's easy, take this quiz!

Created by: Matmail
  1. Which one of these are easy to burn?
  2. Which one of these aren't water-resistant?
  3. What is the positive effect from eruptions?
  4. Which one of these doesn't show the effect just before eruptions?
  5. What is the best hot-absorbing color?
  6. Where are silicons gained from?
  7. What degree does the water boil?
  8. Which one of these isn't possible to break a glass?
  9. What does potential energy of a thing mean?
  10. What does kinetic energy mean?
  11. Which one of these isn't heat source?
  12. What is the long-name of RGB?
  13. What is 4R?
  14. What is the name of a thing that transmits electricity or heat?
  15. Which one of these detect surroundings with heat or temperature?
  16. What rule says a thing will keep it's speed of force, total force is 0?
  17. Which one of these doesn't belong to the group?
  18. How many electrons do oxygens have?
  19. Which one of these isn't gas shaped?
  20. Why do some sofas aren't water-resistant?

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