how much u know about Star Trek???

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Overall, I haven't seen many Star Trek quizzes out there, so here is one. many think they are a genius at star trek, but are you REALLY? this is an honest quiz.

Do you have what it takes to be called an Einstein at Star Trek sturf, or are you just argent? (no offense) take dis qiizz and see! I'm glad you took this, and it makes mes happy! so keep it comins!

Created by: alex3000
  1. who are the Borg?????
  2. What's the difference between the enterprises b and c?
  3. watt does the Warp core do?
  4. What's Voyager?
  5. in The Original Series, what word(s) does Spock say a whole lot?
  6. what was the first warp ship named?
  7. who invented the warp drive?
  8. what was the captain's name of U.S.S. Enterprise a?
  9. do you like Star Trek? (won't effect score)
  10. last question, so did u like my quiz? Will you comment or rate?

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