Star Trek Voyager Basics

Many have seen one or two episodes and some have seen a season or two. We've all seen Seven of Nine, haven't we? Well, how much of Voyager do you remember?

Can YOU get the crew home before their families replace them with evil stepmothers and fairy stepfathers? Thanks to this quiz leaving no character undone, we can find out how well you know Voyager Basics!

Created by: JJ
  1. Who is in command of Voyager?
  2. Where was Tom Paris before joining the crew of Voyager?
  3. Who had just graduated from Starfleet Academy before joining the crew of Voyager?
  4. Which of these Star Trek:TNG characters made at least one guest appearance on Voyager?
  5. In what part of the galaxy does Voyager's story take place.
  6. Who is responsible for pulling Voyager so far away from home?
  7. What planet is Neelix from?
  8. Kes is an Ocampan - how long do they usually live.
  9. Why was Voyager sent to the Badlands?
  10. What happened to the original doctor on board Voyager?
  11. Who becomes Janeway's First Officer?
  12. Who is Voyager's Chief of Security?
  13. How many Vulcans are on the Bridge?
  14. Why does Commander Chakotay have a tattoo on his face?
  15. From which two races is B'Ellana Torres descended.
  16. What's the name of the female drone rescued from the Borg in Season 4?
  17. Who cooks for the crew?
  18. Where on Voyager does B'Elana Torres work?
  19. What does Tom Paris excel at?
  20. With which species did Voyager NOT have any permanent or temporary peace?

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