A you a Star Trek fan?

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There are many so called fans of Star Trek, but very few true Trekkers. Star Trek is, afterall, quite exceptional. So what is a Trekker? A Trekker is someone who has an extraordinary knowledge of Star Trek but unlike Trekkies they know it is not reality.

"Think YOU are a Trekker? Do you have the knowleadge to hold that honour? Take this quiz and test your prowess and you may live long and prosper but you may end up like a bowl of Gagh!"

Created by: Paul Roots
  1. The founding member worlds of the United Federation of Planets were?
  2. NX-01 Enterprise (Earth's first warp 5 ship) was launched in 2151 but what was the NX-02 called?
  3. Dr McCoy was often called 'Bones' by his friends but what is his real first name?
  4. Can you name Jean Luc's brother?
  5. How many Federation ships have been called Enterprise?
  6. Who played Worf in TNG & DS9?
  7. How many times has Q visited DS9?
  8. A 'd'k tahg' is?
  9. Which ship in Star Trek Voyager had 'Multi-vector assault mode'?
  10. The Khitomer accords are?

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