Are You A TRUE Trekkie?

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There are many people who consider themselves Trekkies. Are You? Trekkies are Star Trek Crazy inside and out. Trekkies are CRAZY for Star Trek and would DIE if Star Trek Ended!

Are YOU a 100% TRUE - BLUE trekkie? Are you real or fake? Until now, you would wonder. But thanks to my great Trekkie quiz, you will find out. I wish you good luck!

Created by: D.A
  1. Name All the Series
  2. What is Star Trek IV called?
  3. What is Star Trek 2 called?
  4. What is the Star Trek made in 2009 called?
  5. Pick out the Star Wars movie.
  6. What do Vulcans say to each other?
  7. Which is the captain on The Original Series?
  8. Who is the Vulcan on The Original Series? (ON THE SHIP)
  9. Name A Next Generation Movie.
  10. Name Three Captains.

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Quiz topic: Am I A TRUE Trekkie?