The Trek Test

A lot of people watch Star Terk but few actualy follow the series. Those people are called Trekkies or Trekkers whichever you prefer. This test is designed to tell if you just watch the seies or if you are an actuial Trekkie/Trekker

If you think you are ready for this quiz, then take it. However if you are not ready i suggest you study up. But if you wanna take it anyway, go right ahead. Nothin' Stoppen' You! However I must note that the quiz maker I am using requies that the first 2 questions ask your age and gender. You don't have to answer these as they will not effect your grade.

Created by: Evan Smith
  1. Where is Captian Picard From?
  2. What race stabbed Ensign Picard at Starbase Erhart.
  3. Who is Mot?
  4. What is a Glob Fly?
  5. What episode of TNG did they not use the bridge set?
  6. How Many diffrent foods has Data created fot his cat, Spot?
  7. In the last episode of VGR what did the Doctor choose as his name?
  8. What is the M-113 creature.
  9. Who are the Niners
  10. Who is James T. Kirks son?

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