Ultimate Outer Space Quiz (Very Hard)

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Hello, I enjoy learning about the universe, and I'd hope you do too. Not many people learn about the universe and what's in it, which makes me sad, sometimes, but lets see where you fall.

Not many people know really anything about things beyond this tiny planet we live on, but how much do YOU know about outer space? Take this quiz to find out, but I warn you, it's hard!

Created by: alex3000
  1. What month of 2015 did the Spacecraft New Horizons pass by Pluto in?
  2. What is the temperature that is known as Absolute Zero?
  3. What is the nearest major galaxy to us other than our own known as?
  4. What is the lowest mass in an object for it to be considered a Brown Dwarf?
  5. What is the largest type of star in diameter?
  6. What is the largest type of star in mass?
  7. What is the type of dead star that has nearly the same diameter as Earth?
  8. What type of star is the smallest that has a sustained thermonuclear fusion?
  9. What is it called when an object becomes so dense and so massive that light cannot escape it?
  10. What is it called when a galaxy's center creates jets that shoot out into intergalactic space?
  11. What type of planetoid is too small to become spherical?
  12. What is the farthest spacecraft from Earth, currently?
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