How much do you know about space?

Space, no not the empty cupboard or the bar on your keyboard, I mean outer space the one with planets, stars and galaxies. In this quiz you will be focusing more on the side of rockets and exploration.

This quiz is just about space but has a question that you probably think should not be here but in my opinion should be. It is about the V2 rocket, lots of people will find this quiz hard.

Created by: Jamie Fowler

  1. What is outer space?
  2. Who was the first dog in space?
  3. What was the third nation to send an astronaut into orbit?
  4. What space probe first took pictures of the dark side of the moon?
  5. Before the first astronauts got their jobs what was their job?
  6. What is the minimum velocity needed to stay in orbit with the earth?
  7. Who invented the German V2 rocket?
  8. How many moons did Voyager 2 find around Uranus
  9. What was the first space station ever to be launched?
  10. Which Apollo spacecraft held the first men to ever orbit the earth?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about space?