Your Data Storage Space

Do you think you are an electronic device, but do not know your storage capacity? Have no fear, for the solution is here! Right now, in just a matter of two minutes, you will find out about your data storage space, that is, how much you can remember.

Storage space is extremely important especially if you are an electronic device. Your purpose determines your total storage space. Of course, more space is desired - almost always. Low space does come in handy. So, will you have the capacity of a megabyte, a gigabyte, or even a terabyte? Now you will find out. And yes, oiling facilities are included!

Created by: Scuttlist

  1. So how well do you recall events from 10 years ago, in general?
  2. If someone asked you to remind them about something the next day, would you remember to?
  3. Do you have a selective memory?
  4. Do you remember words or numbers easier/better?
  5. Would you remember what you wore the night before?
  6. If asked to recall a specific event a week ago, how would you describe it?
  7. Do you believe you have photographic memory?
  8. Pick the first word that appeals to you.
  9. Would you rather take a test that only involves memorising, or a test that only involves inference?
  10. Now, without scrolling back, what was the fourth question?

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