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  • "Cold night."
  • The Lounge...
    "So, it finally updated. I am "officially" a junior on the forum...which should have happened a while ago. *silent cheer*"
  • "Humans are dogs' best friends."
  • The Lounge...
    "Alright, now the lounge will be dead again - *waves magic wand*"
  • ""
  • The Lounge...
    "Yep. I am guessing the 60th minute had just passed then. Some things here work weird - like how you can't find the login lin"
  • The Lounge...
    "Surprisingly slow."
  • The Lounge...
    "Yes, it is indeed strange. I'm not sure why it doesn't update, but maybe it just takes some time...or a lot of time."
  • The Lounge...
    "I check in there occasionally but not often. There isn't much happening in it. Most of my lurking is done in the more populated areas."
  • The Lounge...
    "No problem."
  • The Lounge...
    "Aha I just checked, there are more dead forums than the Server Room. Check out the Garage. "
  • The Lounge...
    "It has recent posts from a few hours ago. That's not as bad as some others, the Server Room for instance."
  • The Lounge...
    "The lounge is dead, but not as dead as other forums."
  • Suggestion
    "I don't think it would be that technically challenging to code, but it would definitely pose a lot of moderation problems especially with th..."
  • "Pretty low."

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