Do you know your Adventures of tintin?

There are a few people who have watched Adventures of Tintin. I wanted to know how many people who watched the movie. If you get these questions correct you must have watched the movie a lot of times.

Did you watch out in the movie to answer these questions? Do you have the detective work Tintin has. Or even able to sniff out of problems like Snowy. You'll find out after you take this quiz!

Created by: No name
  1. What is Caption Haddock atracted too?
  2. What does Tintin say when he is excited?
  3. What does Tintin do for a living?
  4. What would Caption Haddock do to Allan?
  5. Who is the man who kidnapped Tintin?
  6. What is Sakirene wanting?
  7. What type of ship is Tintin looking for?
  8. Who is the villain in the movie?
  9. How long is the movie?
  10. So did Tintin get the treasure he was looking for?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my Adventures of tintin?