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Some people watched X-Men, others watched Spider-Man, Captain Planet, Freakazoid, whatever. But the coolest people in school watched Batman the Animated Series.

So you think you're a BTAS fan? Ok Bruce let's see if you remember everything there is to know to about this awesome cartoon from the 90's. This quiz will test your BTAS knowledge to the max. Ready? Start.

Created by: TJRF
  1. Who voices Robin/Dick Grayson in this series?
  2. In the episode "See No Evil" Lloyd Ventrix steals an invisibility suit and becomes his daughter's "imaginary friend". By what name does she call him?
  3. In "Night of the Ninja" and "Day of the Samurai" Batman faces off against a ninja named Kyodai Ken. What does his name translate to?
  4. What company did Victor Fries work for before becoming Mr. Freeze?
  5. In "Two-Face Part 2" Two-Face has identical twin henchmen. What are there names?
  6. The Clock King attempted to murder Mayor Hill at what time?
  7. Harley Quinn was created originally for this show. In which episode did she make first ever appearance?
  8. In Read My Lips only does Scarface have 3 henchmen: Rhino, Mugsy and...
  9. Which actor voiced Arkady Duvall in the episode "Showdown"?
  10. "Batgirl Returns" was the final episode produced but was the 2nd to last to air. What episode aired last and brought BTAS to a close in 1995?
  11. One of the episodes for the Gray Ghost's series shares the name for an actual BTAS episode. Which one is it?
  12. Series co-creator and producer Bruce Timm stated that "The Terrible Trio" is the worst episode of the series but also claimed that another episode shouldn't of even been produced. Which one is it?
  13. What does H.A.R.D.A.C. stand for?
  14. Which episode earned BTAS its only Daytime Emmy Award?
  15. Which of the following characters did NOT appear on BTAS?
  16. Which episode earned BTAS its only Primetime Emmy Award?
  17. What is the name of Batman's Mechanic in the episode "The Mechanic"?
  18. Why did Ra's Al Ghul kidnap Robin in the "Demon's Quest"?
  19. In which episode is Catwoman transformed into the "new Catwoman"?
  20. In which episode does the Bat Signal first appear?
  21. How many episodes total are there of BTAS? (excluding New Adventures)

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