Batman and other ppl

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many people know about batman but do you have what it takes to get a 100% on this quiz only a true batman lover knows these questions but these might be a little basic

this quiz asks about everything batman, bane ivy robin joker harley i list it all this test isn't really all that hard but it takes a true fan to know them good luck

Created by: CJluvzu
  1. what is harley's real name
  2. how did Robin's family die in the Tim Burton movies
  3. in "the dark night" what was the first story he told about how he got his scars?
  4. in "the dark knight" what dose joker brake in half for tryouts
  5. what is the first thing joker say's in "the dark knight"
  6. how was bane created in the Tim Burton movies
  7. what are the two color pairs harley quinn wears
  8. what does quinn call joker?
  9. how many people does batman kill in "the dark knight"?
  10. who does batman like in "batman begins" and "the dark knight"
  11. in the game batman arkham city who poses as joker

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