Are You a Batman Mastermind?

Are you a Batman Mastermind? If you think you are, you should try this test. But First, I must tell you that you might get a bad grade, so be warned! Try to study (or not!)?

But are YOU a Batman Mastermind? Try this quiz about Batman, Batman Movies, even villains! So what are you waiting for? Go for the glory and bragging rights of a Batman Mastermind!

Created by: aleckszick

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  1. Who is Batman?
  2. Which city is he from?
  3. Why did Bruce become Batman?
  4. Who are some of Batman's enemies?
  5. In the movie Batman Begins, Cillian Murphy plays what villain?
  6. Is egghead an official villain?
  7. In Batman and Robin, did Bane destroy the mystery box from Commissioner Gordon?
  8. Two face has a few origins. Which is fake?
  9. Did Batman defeat Joe Chilles?
  10. One time, Dr. Hugo Strange...
  11. Mr. Wayne (Batman's dad) was a...
  12. Robin, (Batman's partner) is actually...
  13. The Riddler blew up the Batcave and killed Mr. Doctainer, who was trying to find out who Batman really was. Right?
  14. Batman v. S. ___________________ is often a battle we want to see.
  15. In what movie did Batman fight the Scarecrow in a warehouse?
  16. Did Batmane ever kill a villain?
  17. Batman's sidekicks include...
  18. Do you think Batman is stupid? Why?
  19. (FINAL QUESTION!) Which villains is it hardest to beat for Batman?

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