Which Classic Batman Villain (or Villainess) Are You?

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Ever wonder which one of the Batman's colorful assembly of nefarious foemen you most closely resembled? Yeah, me neither... but that's no reason for you not to take this quiz and find out, as long as you're here anyway, right? RIGHT -- ?!?

Eight of the Caped Crusader's most distinctive and fascinating arch-enemies are among the possible end results, here. Discover which crazed costumed maniac is really your innermost Gotham super-criminal!

Created by: kent1818
  1. Let's start with the basics: why is it you do the terrible, awful things that you do?
  2. Your costumed criminal get-up simply wouldn't be complete without:
  3. Which comic book sound effect best describes your particular, personal villainous modus operandi...?
  4. Your preferred henchman or assistant in criminal endeavors would most likely be:
  5. What is it you're planning on stealing in Gotham tonight, anyway...?
  6. For you, no criminal caper can ever be considered truly complete without:
  7. Your feelings towards Robin the Boy Wonder might best be summed up as:
  8. If you were some sort of drink or beverage, you'd most likely be:
  9. What would you most like to give Batman, this Christmas...?
  10. Your character's favorite anime would most likely be:

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Quiz topic: Which Classic Batman Villain (or Villainess) am I?