How Much Do You Know Batman's Villains?

There are batman fans and there are true batman fans! And true batman fans know almost everything about batman including batman's villains. This quiz may just tell if you are a batman fan or a true batman fan and btw I know I spelled the title of this quiz wrong I was pretty sleepy when I was creating this completion time uh 2 hours.

As I state in the paragraph above this quiz may just tell if you are a batman fan or a true batman fan. SO good Luck and I hope you have fun and I also hope you learn something here.

Created by: QuizMaster
  1. Who was batman's first villain?
  2. Which villain broke batman's back?
  3. In Batman Returns who were batman's villains?
  4. What is in Bane's teddy bear Osito?
  5. Who voiced Joker in the video games Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City?
  6. What is the Riddler's logo?
  7. Who does the joker shoot and paralyze in Batman:The killing joke?
  8. Who played the Riddler in Batman Forever?
  9. Which villain owns the iceberg lounge?
  10. What is Mr. Freeze's real name?
  11. Who said this line,"I WILL BREAK YOU!"
  12. What is the Ratcatcher's real name?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know Batman's Villains?