How well do you know Xena:Warrior Princess?

There's alot of people who consider themselves Xennites (or xena fans) how well do you match up? Take this quiz now and see what you get. Come on,what have you got to lose. Your already here!

Xena,The Warrior Princess,The Best Friend Gabrielle,Joxer,the villians,the gods,the actions. Ok, I really didnt have anything to say after paragraph one,but they MADE ME!

Created by: CharmedChick
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  1. In which Hercules The Legendary Journeys episodes did Xena first appear?
  2. Who is Xena's best friend?
  3. How many times does Xena die?
  4. Who turned Xena into the Conqueror of Nations?
  5. How Many Seasons are there?
  6. In which season does Gabrielle make her first kill?
  7. How many kids does Xena have at the end of the series?
  8. In which episode does Joxer die?
  9. How many times does Gabrielle die?
  10. In Which episode does Callisto Appear in for the first time?
  11. Xena has been gone for years,even the re-runs have officaly gone off the air. But it was an awesome show. Should it be put back on a channel?
  12. How Well, do you think you scored?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Xena:Warrior Princess?