how well do you know tintin?

There are many people that know the book tintin but don't know what is it about.i love reading the book but do you know what is it about you will find out when you taked the quiz.

Do you know what is tintin about. are you sure you are very into tintin? well there is one answere and that is to take this quiz!you will only know how much you know about tintin when you take this quiz.

Created by: wintonlim
  1. who is the main character in tintin?
  2. in flight 714 dose captain haddock uses his gun more than once?
  3. Does tintin have a pet dog?
  4. what is the dogs name?
  5. how many pages are there in every single book?
  6. what dose captain like to drink?
  7. how much thousand did rastapopoulos bet for the doctor in flight 714 ?
  8. in destination to the moon the captain called calculus something. what is that something?
  9. what conect the seven crystal balls?
  10. who was the most of the time tintin was caseing in tintin in america?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know tintin?