Captain Haddock's Insults Quiz

Captain Haddock never once called people childish or stupid insults when he got angry. Rather, he always pulled out the most hilarious,scientific miscellaneous words you ever heard.

Are YOU a true Haddock? Do you have to grab a dictionary to know what Haddock's words mean or do you yell them frequently yourself? Take this quiz and test your knowledge.

Created by: Stephen
  1. What does ''Filibuster'' mean?
  2. What does ''slubberdegullion'' mean?
  3. What does ''bashi-bazouk'' mean?
  4. What does ''bougainvillea'' mean?
  5. What does ''mountebank'' mean?
  6. What does ''blackguard'' mean?
  7. What does ''Pachyrhizus'' mean?
  8. What is a ''troglodyte''?
  9. What is a ''vivisectionist''?
  10. What does ''raggle-taggle'' mean?

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