which of my oc's are you?

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my main oc's (original characters) are Tiny the baby dragon, Crystal the magical girl with the power of purity, the Shaded Mage an all powerful shadow of darkness, zack an innovator who followed the dark samurai, alex a friendly teenage boy, cameron is alexs best friend and an exciting and outgoing character,virus a robitic soldier bent on destroying humanity, trevor a patriotic snitch, and.. i think thats all? oh wait, droviks the vandal and msomee the sanghieli

which of these charcters are you more like? if you would like to see these charcters in action, head over to wattpad.com to read about them. droviks and msomme are in my book crossover. crystal, alex,cameron, and trevor are in a future book called innovation. tiny and zack are in a future book series called elemental and the shaded mage will be in both innovation and elemental. virus is a character im planning on adding to a video game.

Created by: LimyMage918

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is your idea of fun?
  2. choice of power
  3. do you get along with others?
  4. which best describes you?
  5. which of these worlds sound more interesting to live in?
  6. what's your favorite color?
  7. what do you think of rules?
  8. favorite food
  9. your friend is being bullied, wht do you do?
  10. you see a homeless guy, what is your response?
  11. good or evil?
  12. human?

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Quiz topic: Which of my oc's am I?