Test of the Shadow Dragon's Mind

There are many smart people, but few true geniuses, and only true geniuses are worthy of the Shadow Dragon's power. [no urls] - My website, starring the Shadow Dragon.

Are YOU worthy of the Shadow Dragon's power? Is your mind strong enough to handle it? Until now you could only wonder. But this great quiz will help you find out!

Created by: JamesShadow of Cave of the Shadow Dragon
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  1. Are dogs herbivores?
  2. Pure water has a pH level of...
  3. What is/was your Grade Point Average in school?
  4. How smart are you?
  5. 'Arachnophobia' is the fear of...
  6. You knew the answer to the last question because...
  7. Another name for a tidal wave is a...
  8. DNA is the shortened form of...
  9. Is HCl an acid or base?
  10. Who got the Nobel Prize?
  11. Black people are...
  12. Is it important to learn coding?
  13. Is Anita bad?

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