Are You A Dragon Lover?

many people like dragons but few ever test their knowledge about them. Find out about many types of dragons throughout this quiz and explore the world in my mind.

Do you have the stuff for this absurd dragon quiz? Can you laugh along or just sit down and stare at the stupidness embedded deep within my mind? Ha Ha!

Created by: CHARIS
  1. First Of All, Do You Like Dragons?
  2. Why Are You Taking This Quiz?
  3. Are You bored?
  4. I thnk that you hate this
  5. What Is The Most Common Dragon?
  6. What Is The Most Rare Dragon?
  7. What Is The Most Beautiful Dragon?
  8. What Is The Most Ugly?
  9. Do You Like Dragons?
  10. Do You Believe In Dragons?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Dragon Lover?