what dragon are you

witch dragon are you of the listed ones ? are you a good dragon ar bad dragon. dragons are old creatures that are tricks , friends , and enemys

witch dragon are you from the ones listed ? not only in this test will you know what dragon you are you can figure out your personality. You can even find out real information about dragons after you take the test so go ahead and take it

Created by: Mya403
  1. What tresure is best for you
  2. this is choice of dragon story questions and answers i ask the question and you say your answer (no affect)
  3. "prepare foul beast for your doom," says a knight to you but hes not finished. what will you do ?
  4. they're going to keep on sending knightts if you dont leave your layer soon and the knights are going to get better evrey time so you might as well leave
  5. you leave all your stuff behind and see a small man dieng from barley any food
  6. you fly down to the man despite his condition you expect him to ...
  7. he does fall down and but says get away "Be my servant and i will help you, you may even be a dragon rider" he says no you
  8. when your about to leave you hear a cry "OKAY !!! ill server you mighty one if you help me "
  9. oh my excuse me what is your name mighty one
  10. what color are you
  11. are you scaly or smooth
  12. that is the end of choice of dragon

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Quiz topic: What dragon am I