what type of dragon are you

this quiz tells what dragon you are and your personality think you can hand seeing what dragon you are if you can take this quiz and remember have fun

think you can get the one you want there are 6 posible out comes but i wont tell you what they are youll just have to take the quiz and get your friends to take it to

Created by: horses55
  1. some one threatens your fiend what do you do?
  2. you and your buddy got to a bar and i fight is about to breck out what do you do?
  3. where would you live
  4. whats your favorite element
  5. favorite color
  6. what are you like
  7. darkness or light
  8. do you like animals
  9. is there someone special in your life?
  10. favorite sport
  11. which one do you think you are

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Quiz topic: What type of dragon am I