What type of dragon r u?

There are many types of dragons on dragon cave, but onyl a few are on this quiz. If you want to see really how many, and how great the designs are, Sign up here: [no urls]

See what dragon you are, and see your personality. These were all gathered from the DragonCave site, I did not write them. So please take this quiz and post (If you can) what you got...

Created by: Natasha and Mikayla

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If you were a dragon, would you fly?
  2. What diet would you have?
  3. If you play Dragoncave, When were the Horse Dragons released? (Clicking I don't play won't effect your score)
  4. What colour is a Frill Dragon?
  5. What would you do as a dragon?
  6. Are you scared of heights?
  7. How lrge is a Pygmy Dragon?
  8. What description is the Albino Dragon?
  9. Roughly how many dragons are on DC? (Again, Clicking I don't play won't effect your score)
  10. Do you like Puppies?
  11. Do you like chicken?

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