What Dragon would you be?

Ever wonder what type of dragon you would be if you became one? Would you be an evil dragon or a sweet, peaceful one? Could you imagine yourself flying peacefully among the clouds or conjouring up a thunder storm?

Are you ready to see the TRUE dragon within you? Can you imagine what it is? They only way to find out is if you take this quiz right now! It only takes a few minutes and you can learn the true dragon in you......

Created by: TC

  1. Are you a loveable person?
  2. If you were a dragon,which of the below would you most likely be?
  3. Are you a meat-eater or a vegitarion?
  4. Where you born a leader?
  5. Would you pick a fight?
  6. Do you fight alot?
  7. What weather do you like most?
  8. If you were a dragon, what flying skills would you have?
  9. What rank would you be if you were a dragon?
  10. Do you love kittens? (no Effect)

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