Elemental Dragon; Which Are You?

There are many types of dragons. Elemental are to name a few. These are the Dragon Of Fire, Dragon Of Ice, Dragon Of Air and Dragon Of Water. These dragons are like their element in many ways.

But which of these elemental dragons are you?! Are you A flamer, a aquatic one, a nature lover, a witty grey clouded person? Hmm... Take the Quiz, See how you rank, Comment and Rate!

Created by: UltimateShiverFan
  1. Hi there! Lets get to know a little bit about you. Then we'll see what Element of Dragon you are. Favorite Color?
  2. Favorite Tv Show? [Out of these]
  3. Favorite Outfit?
  4. Favorite Thing to Do?
  5. Favorite Animal? [Out of listed]
  6. Okay. There were the favorite questions. Now. You're walking along, the day is nice, but not too hot, and you spot a deer in the wood. You are rather hungry, but it looks so peaceful.
  7. You pad through the forest still, after either eating or not. You see a pond, gleaming in the sun.
  8. You pad through the forest, continuing. You see a blazing fire, but its contained.
  9. Pick one:
  10. There's this cute guy/girl you like, and you really want them to know how you feel.
  11. If you could choose which to be, what would it be?
  12. Which type of book?
  13. If you could make a wish, it would be: [Out of these]
  14. The end of the quiz! What did you think?

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Quiz topic: Elemental Dragon; Which am I?