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  • Your Result: Dragon Of Fire

    Dragons of Fire arent just mad, you know. They can be calm; But they're also fierce. They know what they stand for. You are a Dragon of Fire. They are mostly Red, golden, and yellow. Dragons of Fire have Fire Breath in intense qualities, of course. They sometimes have a firey personality, and a bit of a temper. But they have golden hearts.

    The only difference is that i'm dark blue and wise.

  • Elemental Dragon; Which Are you?
    Your Result: Dragon Of Air

    Air dragons are much like Earth; but they're much mroe witty and sharptongued! Be careful what you say to a Air Dragon, they can twist your words right back at you! They can be mean when they want, and have breaths of Fire and Ice alike, but their most powerful is ice. Air dragons have the nasitest tempers of the Elemental Dragons. But not all are that bad- just quick to anger.

    HAHAH WHOO, awesome quiz!
    Good job!! And hahah I'm so mean huahua


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