What Dragon will you be in the afterlife?

There are many types of dragons but onley 5 true dragons, Find out what dragon you will be in the afterlife with this great quiz! What is a dragon? A dragon is a being who has an extraordinarily beautiful pair of talons, dragons love riddles, gems and other precious metals. Dragons are incredible beings and you can find witch one you are by taking this test!

Are YOU a beautiful water? A friendley Earth? A Vicious Ice? A Graceful wind? or possibley a Mysterious rare fire dragon? find out now with this helpful quiz!

Created by: tazle

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Witch listed stones or metals attract you most?
  2. Whats the weirdest name for a gemstone?
  3. if you had to eat one of these sweet foods for the rest of your life and they where all healthy what would you chose?
  4. your favoright colour groups?
  5. Do you like spending time with nature?
  6. what would you like to do all day for one day?
  7. Do you like harry potter or other magic-themed books?
  8. Honestley, what do you want to be?
  9. Did you actualy enjoy the quiz?
  10. What collective noun attracts you most?

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Quiz topic: What Dragon will I be in the afterlife?