What type of dragon are you??

Dragons are amazing. They are so amazing. This quiz will help you find out what kind of dragon you are!! This quiz is all about what you think you will be like as a dragon and will pair you up with the best match....Enjoy :D

Do you love dragons?? If you do take this quiz now. It is all about what dragon you would be if you were a dragon i mean who wounldnt want to be a dragon?? You can be a Earth Ice Fire Light Dark Water or Sky dragon!! Take it now!!!

Created by: A Person :D
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What color do you love??
  2. What would you rank you meaness and kindness??
  3. If you saw a dog fight what would you do??
  4. Where would you live??
  5. What power would you have??
  6. What would you look like in dragon form??
  7. Would you go outside or watch tv and play video games??
  8. What is your favorite food??
  9. What kind of animals do you like??
  10. What is your dragon name??

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Quiz topic: What type of dragon am I??