Divergent Aptitude Test

In a world that is divided in five factions, you can only for in one. Are you a brave dauntless? Are you a truthful Candor? Are you a selfless Abnegation? Are you a smart Erudite? A kind Amity?

In this quiz I will tell you what faction you're in, and don't worry it's very accurate. Take it from someone who has read the books 6 times each and watched the first movie twice.

Created by: Stevie

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  1. You're sitting in a chair, in front of you are two baskets. One with cheese in it, the other with a knife. Behind you a voice says; choose. What do you do?
  2. You wake up in a room which you aren't familiar, next to you is a pit bull staring at something, you look for what it's staring at and you see a girl. "Puppy!" She screams and the dog charges at her. What do you do?
  3. You're I a bus and a man comes up to you, he shows a picture of your dad and says; Do you know this man? If you do tell me! I need to put him in prison, it'll save my life!" What do you do?
  4. Ok so at the choosing ceremony you chose dauntless, now they want you to jump in and out of a movie train, what do you do?
  5. You look across your table at school and see a handsome guy sitting there, then you notice he's wearing grey What do you think?
  6. You're unhappy with the faction you are born in, and you want to move factions. But your family really doesn't want you to What do you do
  7. You have a choice, you have to shoot yourself or the person you love the most Who so you shoot?
  8. What sort of job are you considering?
  9. What colour are you wearing?
  10. What do you think is the best quality?
  11. What would you pick?

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