Aptitude Test (Divergent Series)

Have you ever wondered what your aptitude is? Aptitude means special skill, or talent. Everyone is good at something, so what are you good at? Which faction do you belong in (referring to Veronica Roth's amazing "Divergent" trilogy)?

If you answer each question honestly, this test will easily determine if you belong in Dauntless, for the brave. Abnegation, for the selfless. Candor, for the honest. Amity, for the peaceful. Or Erudite, for the knowledge-seeking. This test will honestly tell you about your personality, within 10 minutes! So take this fun quiz now!

Created by: TestMaker
  1. First of all, what faction do you think that you belong in?
  2. What quality do you value most in a friend?
  3. Some one you dislike asks you if they can take part of your plans along with your friends. You don't want them to come, and besides, you've heard earlier that they don't like you and would do anything to get rid of you. Your response is...?
  4. Your best friend and a friend you don't know very well are arguing. After listening to them, you realize you agree with the other friend, rather than your BFF. But then again, they are fighting over something silly... What will you do, if you must choose one thing?
  5. A person your age is struggling with a problem. He is being attacked by four aggressive people for seemingly no reason. You dislike these attackers. They are injuring him physically, and mentally. So you...?
  6. You are trying to sleep, but several people nearby are laughing and talking, disturbing you. What do you do?
  7. A friend is leaving for a few days, but they need you to help them with a household task. You don't know how to do it, so it will be necessary to spend time to learn it. You don't really want to do it. What do you do?
  8. Two friends want you to hang out with them during the weekend. One wants you to help them with a project they are doing (say her name is Jen), and the other want's you to come with them to a place you like (say his name is Carl). At the same time you have a test to study for. You want to go with Carl, but Jen needs your help, and then there is the test. So you...?
  9. How much do you think you belong in Dauntless (faction of the brave)?
  10. How much do you think you belong in Abnegation (faction of the selfless)?
  11. How much do you think you belong in Candor (faction of the honest)?
  12. How much do you think that you belong in Amity (faction of the peaceful)?
  13. How much do you think that you belong in Erudite (faction of the knowledge-seeking)?
  14. Why do you think the world is not perfect?
  15. What kind of person do you want to become in the near future?
  16. If you would die for anything, what would that reason be?
  17. How are you towards new people?
  18. So... Hi!

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