Divergent Aptitude Test

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What will you be: Abnegation the selfless. Amity the peaceful. Candor the honest. Dauntless the brave. Erudite the intelligent. Or do you not belong anywhere?

"The future belongs to those who know where they belong" -Jenene Mathews (Erudite leader) PS There is no stupid "how did you like this quiz" question at the end

Created by: Scraggles
  1. you get a choice to stay where you are or go out and explore new places
  2. The police are questioning you about a man that you know that committed a crime what do you do
  3. a person you cant stand is short on money what do you do
  4. You are at the store checking out and realize you forgot your wallet what do you do
  5. Someone stole your wallet what do you do
  6. A law is passed where you can only have one child and you have two now what
  7. A person falls in the street what do you do
  8. you are taking a test and you notice the person next to you is cheating off you what do you
  9. You get loaded with a ton of homework but you have to do something most of the afternoon
  10. Your grandmother died how do you handle it
  11. favorite type of music
  12. what is the most important

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