Divergent Aptitude Test

Welcome to the divergent aptitude test. Today we will see where you truly belong in this world. Here are your choices: Euridite(intelligence) Candor(honesty) Amity(peace) Abnegation(selflessness) Dauntless(bravery).

Are you ready to take the test? Sit down, empty your mind, and relax. Remember after the test you Must choose a faction. If you don't you will be forced to become factionless(homeless). Let the test begin!

Created by: michelina
  1. You enter a room with two objects, a knife and a chunk of cheese. What do you do?
  2. Suddenly a big dog appears in front of you. You...
  3. A little girl enters the room startling the dog. The dog starts running toward the little girl. You...
  4. You appear on a train where a frantic man asks you if you've seen a murderer. He shows you a picture of the person. Hmmm... he looks kinda familiar
  5. The man starts yelling at you saying you could've saved him
  6. You appear at a gas station where you see someone shoplifting. You...
  7. The manager sees the person shoplifting and tries to contact authority when the shoplifter pulls out a gun
  8. You appear in a room tied to a chair and held at gun point. The shooter asks you what 15x15x30x5x0 equals.
  9. You appear in a park where you see people fighting. You...
  10. You appear in a box that is rapidly filling with water. You try breaking the box, but it does not break. You...

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