It's your turn. Score me

Nearly all quizzes are about the quiz maker scoring you. Now, it's YOUR turn to score me! Will you be nice and pass me, or give me a 0? Please don't. :) I mean, it's entirely up to you, but try to answer honestly and see what I get based on your answers!

How this works? I have no idea myself. Well, I think I have more or less cited a statement in each question. Of the options given (the typical yes, no or maybe), you select your answer for my statement. Is my statement correct, or wrong? You decide. (P. S. Those who fail me get nothing. And those who pass me get nothing either. *smiles*) Oh, but I will take your quiz in return for your time in taking mine.

Created by: Scuttlist
  1. Think of a yes or no question in your head. My answer is no. Am I correct...or wrong?
  2. I am going nowhere with this quiz. (Really, I just wanted to reverse the roles to you being the scorer and I being the taker.) What do you think?
  3. I'm guessing that you have a GoToQuiz account.
  4. And you've made a quiz on this site before.
  5. Before I forget, I set the first two questions to have no effect. Should I have done otherwise?
  6. Think of a random number from 1-100. I'm thinking of 38. Did my number match yours?
  7. Do you trust my scoring system?
  8. Now I'm guessing it's afternoon (12pm - 7pm) where you are.
  9. I'll do a math question without a calculator or writing anything down. (I promise!) 12 x 31 = 372. Am I right or wrong? (You can use whatever methods of checking.)
  10. And the final question. I think that quiz shouldn't have taken more than 5 minutes, no?

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Quiz topic: It's my turn. Score me