Can You Pass This Adult Test?

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The adult test, will you pass it? Anyone over the age of 18 should pass easily. Those over 30 should have no trouble scoring 90% or better. However, kids will not get most of these answers correct!

There are a lot of dated references below, as well as some general adult knowledge stuff. If you actually are a kid, try your best and see if you can fool my test! If you are an adult and fail, you're going to have to turn in your adult card and re-attend school Billy Madison style. Good luck!

Created by: someone, idk
  1. Which of these is not a cheese?
  2. What is an a/s/l check?
  3. We didn't start the fire. How long has it been burning?
  4. What is irony?
  5. If you had been born and raised in West Philadelphia, where would you have spent most of your days?
  6. Finish the phrase: Be kind...
  7. Which of these doesn't match with the other two? TAKE...
  8. According to experts, you should avoid spending more than how much of your pretax income on mortgage payments?
  9. Who didn't inhale?
  10. What numbers complete this sequence? 8-6-7-
  11. Pat Benatar, Stevie Nicks, Alice Cooper.
  12. How many songs in MP3 format could be stored on a 3.5" floppy disk?
  13. What's a good yet realistic MPG for a gas-powered 4-door sedan?
  14. Who was Sergeant Pepper?
  15. If the Vengabus is coming, what is everybody doing?

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