Out in the bush

YOU MUST READ HERE TO UNDERSTAND THE QUIZ: You are the oldest in a group of kids going camping in the bush. Or forest, or woods or whatever you call it. There is one adult with you and there are about nine kids. They are aged from 9 to 14.

You are all set for a fun camping and fishing trip, when suddenly the adult has to leave for some reason. They quickly drive off, forgetting that they have all the supplies! Now you are stranded in the bush!

Created by: feather
  1. So, the adult has left and everyone is panicking. You feel a little worried yourself, but:
  2. The group has settled down now, and have decided to make a meeting for what to do now. You suggest:
  3. The group has divided itself according to skills. What are you doing?
  4. It's dark now. There are mosquitoes everywhere, and no one has had much to eat. Most people are annoyed and tired. What are you feeling?
  5. Someone says they want to sleep. Everyone agrees, but you have no shelters. It's not bad weather, but there might be mist and dew in the morning. What do you do?
  6. It's the morning of the second day now. Everyone is very hungry and no one slept particularly well. What is the first thing you do?
  7. It's around midday, and you found enough food for a decent breakfast with spare stuff for later! It's getting quite hot, so everyone goes for a swim in the river. What are you thinking?
  8. While swimming, you notice there is a strong current in the water. After a while, you see one of the group getting carried away! You:
  9. The person got back ok, and the group walks back to the camp. Everyone is feeling a bit more hungry so you go to get some food for them. You notice that there is much less food than there was in the morning. You:
  10. It's getting close to evening again, and it looks like there might be rain and storms overnight. You decide to:
  11. The storm hits. Whatever shelter you have chosen, it's getting battered and everyone is cold and wet. Someone tells you that when they were swimming, they noticed a small cave a across the river. The cave, they say, faces out of the wind and has a small entrace. It sounds ideal, but you have to cross the river to get there. You:
  12. The storm has passed, and it's now morning. Inside the cave, you found some supplies. However, you can only take one. Which do you pick?
  13. When the river has subsided, you make your way back to the original campsite. On the way, you notice a dingo (wild dog) in the scrub. You:
  14. No one was hurt in the dingo incident, and the group once again sets up camp in the first spot. Just as you are preparing for your thrid night in the bush, a park ranger drives by. They pick you up and drive you back to the nearest town. You think back on your adventures and say:

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