what kind Bushman am i and my death

What kind of bush person are you and find out how u go out at the end of your life. are you a bonified bushman, the bushwoman ,the raggedy bush or the city bush , just look down and check out your bush lol

i made this while at work because i was bored can you imagine sitting all day doing nothing half the time i couldnt bear so i saw this site and thought maybe ill try making one lol have fun

Created by: andrew
  1. How good am i at hunting
  2. how long have you lived in a city
  3. how do you like the internet
  4. have you built a log cabin
  5. if you know your gonna die could u use a poison to ease the pain
  6. could u bury yourself
  7. does it matter what kind of burger u eat
  8. what kind of scope u use
  9. do i have a tomb
  10. Favorite cup
  11. do you have a stuffed animal
  12. How would u get your polar bear rug
  13. im good at crafting
  14. can you sew
  15. can u afford/sew a nice fur jacket
  16. do you live on the edge

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