The "Toy Story" Test

"Toy Story" is Disney/Pixar's first computer-animated film that has touched the hearts of kids and teens everywhere. This movie, I must say is an ultimate masterpiece. It teaches us about the importance of friendship with humor and heart. The movie stars Tom Hanks as Woody, and Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear.

Do you have what it takes to pass the "Toy Story" Test? It is very important to pass it, because I don't see why you should fail it. I mean, for goodness sake, it is easy!

Created by: smartgirl115
  1. Which of these four choices below was the singer of "You've got A Friend In Me", the theme song for "Toy Story" 1-3?
  2. What year did "Toy Story" (the first one) debut?
  3. Who is the main antagonist of "Toy Story 2"?
  4. Who is the voice of Buzz Lightyear?
  5. According to the end credits of the first movie, who sang the duet version of "You've Got A Friend In Me" with Randy Newman?
  6. How did Woody feel when Buzz became Andy's new favorite toy?
  7. What did Woody say to Sid when he, along with Sid's dolls, tried to help Buzz Lightyear escape from Sid's house?
  8. What happened to Lotso after he saw his owner embracing another doll?
  9. True or False: there have been different versions of "You've Got A Friend In Me", including the original version.
  10. In "Toy Story 2", Jesse and Prospector Pete tells Woody that he belonged to a crew named what?

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