The Story Of Matt and Marney

Weddings are exciting and joyous experiences. They can also be busy and stressful. As the wedding day approaches, we thought it might be fun to get our minds off the details, and concentrate on some fun!

So, we created a quiz to see how well our wedding guests know us and how we came to be. Get ready to test your Matt and Marney knowledge and find out how well you really know our story!

Created by: Marney Masalkoski
  1. What high school did Matt and Marney go to?
  2. Matt and Marney began their courtship at whose birthday party?
  3. What was the name of the band Matt played in at the birthday party?
  4. Did Matt ever get up the nerve to ask Marney out in high school?
  5. How did Matt and Marney reconnect?
  6. How many miles currently separate Matt and Marney
  7. In what month did Matt and Marney have their first "official" date?
  8. Where did Matt propose to Marney?
  9. What state do Matt and Marney plan on living in?
  10. What do Matt and Marney share in common?

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