Lucky in Love part 4

This is a love story about you and four other guys. Matt, Peter, Alex, and Adam. Which one will you find you're "Lucky in Love" with? There's broken hearts, secrets, and much more and I promise you that you won't be able to wait for the next part to come out!

Are YOU ready for this story? Well, you're probably not ready if you haven't taken the other three of these quiz's so go take them and then come back to take this one! If you HAVE taken the other ones, then get ready for some intense events! You know who the guys are and what they look like so go ahead! See what happens next! =)

Created by: Emma
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  1. He turns around and says, "Do you forgive me?" "You have nothing to be sorry for." At this he smiles and softly kisses you on the cheek.
  2. Then he leaves and you close the door behind him. Your REALLY tired of all this. FINALLY you can just hang out by yourself! Just when you're about to sit down on the couch, two cars pull up in your driveway. Adam gets out of one and Peter gets out of the other. They seem annoyed at the fact they have to share you tonight. OH NO! FUDGE! you think. TONIGHT'S FRIDAY! O.O
  3. You are freaking out right now! After you hear the doorbell ring-twice-you shout, "Gimme a sec, kay?! THANKS!" and you run upstairs to your room. You quickly put on:
  4. You run out the door and you see Peter and Adam flipping a coin. It's heads. "Kay, you get to ride with me, _____" Adam says. Then he gives you that smile and the world gets a little bit brighter. =)
  5. You get in his car and Peter backs his car out of the way. Adam starts it and you two head to the theater. "So, Matt told you about us, huh?" he says. How did he know?! "uhm, Yea." you say, surprised. "Well, at least I don't have to keep anything from you anymore. No secrets." Adam says. "Yep..." then there's an awkward silence. You stare out of the window and its a pretty suck-ish day out. The clouds are blocking all the sunlight and it's starting to rain. Just when you're wishing it was a better day out, the sky clears up into a cloud-less blue and a rainbow appears out of nowhere! You look over to Adam and he's smiling a huge smile. "How did you know what i was thinking? And how did you know Matt told me?" you say with a smile on your face (you can't help smiling when your around Adam!) "Well..." He says. "I kind of have another power...It's mind-reading. But it's kind of hard to read your mind. I think...I-I think it's because...i love you so much...."
  6. Then his smile fades and you feel a lot colder. You give him a gentle kiss on the cheek and say, "I've been hearing that a lot lately." You smile and start to giggle. This seems to cheer him up and you two are laughing when you get out of the car at the movies.
  7. You see Peter waiting at the main entrance and he says, "Okay, Adam. You got to drive her so I get to sit next to her." He smiles his cocky smile and you say sorry to Adam with your eyes. He tells you its okay with his.
  8. You guys see a horror movie (sorry, I love them! =D) and at a VERY scary part, you grab Peter's hand so tight he starts to laugh at you. You start to laugh at yourself, too. "It's only a movie!" he says in your ear. You just smile and nod. After the movie's over, Peter walks you to his car. "Do you feel better? I know you had a rough day yesterday...." he says to you. "Yea, you made me feel a lot better. have a little mud on your hands." you say back to him. "oh, haha, yea sorry bout that! It happens a lot when i'm around you. Since I can control the earth, when I feel happy, so does the earth! I know, weird, but thats how it goes! haha so basically, when the earth is happy, it likes to stick to me." he explains with a smile. Then, he gives you a goodnight kiss and gets in his car.
  9. You walk over to Adam's car and he's sitting there waiting for you. When he sees you coming, he gets out and opens you door for you. He drives you home and he ALSO gives you a goodnight kiss. You go to sleep that night and have an amazing dream. What's your dream?
  10. When you wake up, you see there's a voicemail on your cell phone. Here's what it says: "Hey ____, it's Alex. I wish I could have come to you in person, but you weren't home...and leaving this makes me feel even more guilty. I need to uhm...go away for a bit...and I just needed to tell you that I love you, just in case this is the last chance I get to say that. Please remember, while I'm gone, to look in the darkness and the depths of the lake for me. Because I promise i'll always be there." ---end of message. If you would like to--- you throw your phone on your bed in a flurry of tears. Things were going so well!!!
  11. You cry for what seems like hours when you hear a noise outside of your window. You don't care what it is. You don't care about anything anymore. You just want to sit here forever, alone. Your window opens by itself in a gust of wind.
  12. Matt walks in. He sees how upset you are and he sits on the windowsill in silence. "I'm sorry about Alex..." he says after a long silence. "HOW THE HECK DID YOU KNOW ABOUT HIM?!?!?! YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW!!!! JUST GO AWAY!!!" you yell. Your surprised at how loud you yelled and how angry you sounded. Matt's face suddenly looked as if he had just been hit by a huge fist. Then he got up and walked out of the window. The door closed by itself again and the wind started to sound like a hurt wolf, crying out in pain. You realize what you've done and you start to cry even more. You lay down on your bed and cry yourself back to sleep.
  13. You start to dream. ~*~*~*~*~ You're walking down a dark path in the woods. Your surroundings seem familiar but you just can't seem to place them. Then you see a stream up ahead and then a lake. Then you see something bright red on the cold ground, glazed with the night's frost. It's blood. You start to panic and your heart beats louder and louder in the dead silent night air. "Alex?! ALEX!" you scream over and over and over until your voice gives out. Something catches your eye in the water and you run over to it. You stumble into the water with tears in your eyes and scream in pain as you see his face. "Alex!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!! This can't be happening....kill me.....kill me.....kill me....." You drag his life-less body out of the freezing water and onto the ground. You kiss his frozen lips and lay your head on his chest, no longer rising and falling with each breath. ~*~*~*~*~ You wake up crying, your pillow and the top part of your blanket soaked with your salty tears.
  14. You don't even care if you've been wearing the same clothes for days now, you get up and grab your jacket. It's Sunday and it's 1 in the morning but you still leave your house and walk in the cold darkness all the way to Alex's house. All the lights are off and no one's home. You walk through the front door in silence (he never did lock his door) and head up to his room. You know exactly where it is, even in the darkness, and you open the door. The clothes he wore to school less than a week ago (you're on break, that's why you didn't go to school on Friday) are sitting on his floor, untouched. You pick up his shirt and put it on. It smells just like him. Then you just lay on his bed for the rest of the night.
  15. When the sun rises, you take his shirt off and leave. You have no idea where you're going but you just walk. You unconsciously walk to the forest in the park. When you get there, you jump to the other side of the stream. It's cold and the water feels freezing as it rushes past. Then you hear it. The birds singing. How could they sing such a sweet and happy song?!? How could they when everything is going WRONG?! You find yourself crying again.
  16. Footsteps come from behind you and a bright pink flower blooms before your eyes in the ground by your feet.
  17. "Peter..." you say, choking the tears back enough for you too talk a little. "Shh, don't talk. Just listen." he says. You nod and he starts to explain...

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