Do you know everything about Jade's Story?

Have you read Jade's Story Book 1 and Book 2? Can you reciet all the characters by name? Can you remeber deatils I myself have forgotten about? Find out with this quiz which covers both books of Jade Story! Do you know the story?

In just minutes you can find out if you read the story carefully! You can find out if you pay attietion to the details written into the story! Just a few minutes of your time is all it takes to recap the story of Jade Murry! And of course if you haven't read the books read them! Thanks! Enjoy : )! -Jade

Created by: Jade Murry of Jade's Story: Book 2 Promises A Jonas Fan Fiction
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  1. Whater Chapter did Book 2:Promises/Alone start on? No Peeking!
  2. When did I start writting Book 1 of the Fanfiction?
  3. Has Jade ever spoken to Brenda Song before the second book?
  4. What role did Jade audition for when she first moved to LA and didn't get the part?
  5. Whats Jade's Nickname for Miley Cyrus when shes on the HM set?
  6. What did Nick want to ask Jade when they first met that Kevin asked her for him?
  7. Where is Jade first reconzied by fans?
  8. Which Jonas Brother did Miley kiss in Chapter 19 when there all on the tour bus?
  9. Who was the one taking the pictures of Jade and Nick/ Crissy and Joe/ and Elisa and Kevin?
  10. What time is constanly metioned in the story?
  11. What broadway show do Nade go to for a date on Thanksgiving?
  12. What song was Jade orginally suposed to do for Dinsye Mania 6 before she ended up doing "If I didn't have you" ?
  13. How far apart are Elisa and Kevin in the second book (after Kevin's 20 birthday)?
  14. What did Jade dream about at the begining of the first book (the end of the Best of Both Worlds Tour)?
  15. What does Demi refer to as Nick to Jade?
  16. List Mileys Crushs in Order from Oldest to Newest:
  17. What songs are the themes for Jade's Story Book 2?

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Quiz topic: Do I know everything about Jade's Story?