Shift (A love story) Chapter 1

I'm actually writing a book based on this story, Shift. It's the same exact storyline except with better use of literarry language and details. YOu would enjoy the book much more but I wanted to test the storyline out. So comment your opinion! Do you think it's a good story?

The book I'm writing is not so much romance as it is destopian future which is like The Hunger Games genre and Divergent genre only much much different. I think you would love the story!!!! Wish me luck!!!

Created by: harryswife
  1. Your eyes burst open. Tears streaming out of the corner of your eye. That's the 10'th time since you have arrived here. You feel like you finally remembered something. Something painful, but you have already forgotten again.
  2. You sit for a moment trying to dry your tears. They just keep coming. They won't stop. You don't even know why you're crying. Although there is still an ache in your heart, your eyes are dry and you are eating some toast left on the table by the library care taker.
  3. You make your way out of your small room behind the book case and creep through the dark library. Just as the sun starts to rise you have crossed the massive library floor and have made it to the heavy wooden door.
  4. You have opened the door and are starting up the iron stair case. As you crunch away the last of the toast, you reach the inner rafters of the library behind the beautiful white wall seen by the rest of the world. You don't know why, but something tells you to stay away from the people who visit the library. You soon make your way to a small opening in the wall to your right. You get down on your hands and knees and crawl through the hole. A burst of light from the high, glass cieling burns your eyes and you squint your eyes in pain. You emerge on the other side of the hole which has led onto a landing just under the glass cieling.
  5. Once you have gotten your entire body out of the hole, you blink numerous times until the glare of the sunlight has gone away. There is snow softly falling onto the roof creating a small, almost transparent shadow across the library. You sit down and pick up the book next to you. It's extremely old and very delicate. Just as you open the book, the library door opens and in comes the librarion followed by three men and a young boy. The three men go sit at a table at the far end of the library while the young boy starts to browse the shelves below you.
  6. You go back to your reading. Suddenly you feel the urge to sneeze, which you do. You then surge back into the hole to avoid any confrontation with the people below. As you are making your escape, you accidentally kick the book off of the landing and onto the floor. You hear a loud clunk as it falls to the floor. You cringe. You know you have to go down and get it...but you don't want to.
  7. You have made your way back down the stairs. You are keeping to the shadows so that nobody sees you. You look around the spot where the book should have landed, but you can't seem to find anything. "Looking for something" A voice says behind you. You whip around to see the boy behind you. You didn't have time to ran back up the stairs panting...trying to get away from the thing that you've been trying to avoid. You can here the boy behind you shouting, "Wait! Wait!"
  8. Once you reach the top, you trip over your retarded shoe lace and find yourself flying over the edge of the 20 ft high landing. You somehow manage not to scream and catch yourself by your finger tips. You struggle to pull yourself up...but your hands are sweaty. All of a sudden, the boy struggles to get through the opening but when he does he rushes forward. He then notices that you are about to fall to your death. In a split second you see everything about him. He has dark brown hair and tan skin. His muscles are lean but he looks strong. He has freckles across his button nose. His bright green eyes seem to gaze into your soul and see everything about you. You stare at eachother for a second, but then he seems to "awaken", and pulls to safety.
  9. You snatch the book out of his hand. "What the hell was that?" You wisper furiously. " saving your sorry ass? I have no clue what that was! That OBVIOUSLY wasn't me being the nice and heroic guy I am doing what I do best." he said sarcastically. "Well you have a funny way of showing it. If you hadn't picked up that stupid book I wouldn't have slipped!" You snap back at him. "Fine, whatever...who are you anyways?" He asks. Who are you? Who are you? You yourself don't even know!!! WHO ARE YOU??!!
  10. "My name is___________...why do you care anyways?" He stares at you for a second. You thought you saw a flicker of recognition in those ocean green eyes. It may have been the trick of the light. "Well I just saved your life. I tend to want to get know the people I have saved. I may have made the wrong decision. For all i know you could be some kind of evil demon that I should have left for dead." He half smiles and looks at you as if he somehow knows what's going on. But he doesn't. He just can't. Not if even I don't know. "So...why are you here anyways?" You stared at him for a second. You heard a distant scream from the past. You shook your head. "I woke up here ten days ago. I have no clue where I come from if I have a family, what the wold is like or anything." You decide not to tell him about the dreams that you can't even remember. That would be too much.
  11. He asks you a few more questions that are almost exactly the same as the ones before as are your answers. After a few more minutes of his prying, he seems to give up. "I have to go. But I think I'll come again. I like you." He says looking you up and down. You blush despite yourself. "You don't even know me." You say quietly "No I don't...but I have a feeling we'll be friends someday." His eyes seem sad. You smile a bit, and turn away. "Bye then." You say over your shoulder. He turns to leave. "And thanks...for saving my life." You say before he crawls through the hole. "I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I did." He said honestly, and crawls through the opening.
  12. Ok please wait for Chapter 2~Secrets will be way more entertaining I PROMISE!!! So far what is the most important thing you need to remember for chapter 2?

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