Reversed Curses~Chapter 1*

My new story quiz is out for ya'll to enjoy. With an Alpha female an five hot boys. I'm an dead serious, this aint some coy, maybe you'll enjoy it even if you're a boy.

You're about to start, get ready for me. It's quite a nice story you will see. Come on get some popcorn, get over the thought of a nap because now it's the end of my f-d up rap!

Created by: XxVaviviciousxX
  1. The cresent moon is near, I can feel it's power surge in every cell of my body. I laugh as a blonde girl on the screen stares at the wolf that appeared on a full moon, I mean whoever came up with that idea was very smart, werewolves are at their strongest on a cresent moon...
  2. "What's so funny?" My mother asks from behind the couch. Humans are stupid, most think they are wise but only I know otherwise. They are our enemies. They are meant to be destroyed! "Oh, nothing..." I fibb. I felt my lap vibrate and a blue glow flash from it. I pulled out my new Blackberry. The first one got lost when I went hunting a few weeks ago.
  3. "Hello?" I said into the phone. "Atorah?" The male voice, sweet and velvety at the other end said. "Peter?" I said, my voice shaky and hoarse. "Yeah, it's me. I'm fine, Isakah didn't get me." Peter said. I sighed a sigh of releif, letting it out shakily. "But they're after you. The cops, you robbed a bank for god's sake." I said into the phone panicked. No reply came. "Peter are you there?" I said. There was a clicking sound then a scream and then the connection got cut.
  4. Panic gripped me. My first thought was to go and save Peter, but I couldn't do it alone, I need my pack. I grabbed my jacket and dashed out the door. "Where are you going?" My mother said with a tray of brownies in her hands. I ignored her and lept into the liquid darkness of the night.
  5. Before I even reach the edge of "White-forest" I changed into wolf form, feeling the same sensation as always: my head spinning, my spine bending, my skin burning and my chest heaving. I knew what I looked like in wolf form, I had fluffy white-grey fur and cold blue eyes and I was twice the size of an ordinary wolf. I let out out the Senniak howl' the howl that meant danger and only the Alphas could do it.
  6. Immediatly, Alastair came bursting out of the liquid darkness, his pitch black fur blending him in with it yet his sharp emerald eyes giving him away. Alastair ranked as Beta in the pack and I loved that because I trusted him more than anything, he was my best friend. The subordinatory pups came running after him. The chestnut brown one was Toya. She was fourteen and always preppy and ditzy. Her two brothers were both a dark grey colour and had hard black eyes and they were my age, sixteen and their names were Aiden and Axel.
  7. Then there's a low growl and out comes a beautiful wolf. His fur is a black and white colour, both colours blending together yet not making his fur look grey. His eyes are the bluest blue in existance and underneath his left eye is a white stroke, he holds his tail low, indicating how low his rank is, he's the Omega of our pack and his name is Tyler.
  8. And that forms our pack, but there's one person missing and that's Peter, the male Alpha of our pack, my soulmate for eternity, my love... "Why are we here?" Alastair asks. "It's peter," I said. "They've got him." as I said so the pack gasped, the trees of the forest leaned in to listen and even the forest itself held it's cold misty breath.
  9. "What do you suggest we do, your highness?" Toya asked. "We sit here and roast marshmellows over a campfire to make samores while folding laundry!" I snapped, my words soaked in sarcasm. Toya said nothing. "No, we look for him, we split up, he has to be in the..." "Split up?!" Alastair said, cutting me of, "We're a pack, Atorah, we don't split up." I growled, I knew he was right, but I wished to go against him. "And I'm Alpha and you follow my orders!" I snapped.
  10. Alastair growled, but said no more because he knew he wouldn't win the debate. "Tyler, Alastair and I will check north and east, the subordinatory pups can check south and west." I ordered. I could sense how happy the pups were to go on yet another big adventure. "Howl if you need anything and if you fing Peter do the Doritamma howl and we'll come running."
  11. We ran for four days and three nights searching with no succes, only resting for a while and then searching again. "Maybe he's not even in the forest." Tyler said speaking for the first time in days. "Yeah, and I really miss my human form right now." Alastair seconded. I knew it was true so I just growled and said nothing. We walked for a few paces ahead until we came apon a cave mouth. My fur errected and every part of me screamed for me not to go in there. But I knew Peter was in there and the boys knew it too.
  12. "We can't go in there, it's..." "Who asked you for your confirmation?" Tyler snapped, cutting Alastair off. Oh, one more thing, the boys didn't get along very well at times. "Why don't you shut the f--- up and do your job which is getting us food and then starving yourself like some anorexic b!tch!" Alastair snapped. Tyler said nothing, his ego clearly bruised. "Tyler's right, I'm going in." I said, stroking it.
  13. I went in, the cave was dark and dangerous and a million eyes of bats were fixed on me. Although I could see a bith, I blew a flame out of my mouth anyway, causing a better light. I saw something, a phone. I could smell it's radioactivd waves. It was Peter's phone. The realisation sank in with a sick feeling in my stomach. "Let us go first." Alastair and Tyler said in chorus. I let them but Alastair went first with me in the middle and Tyler behind me. I walked a few pacese ahead and a black hole was sucking me in, it's pull strenuous, I couldn't go out with none of the boys in sight.

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